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Building Anchors for Navigating Change

Changing the way you engage with life by altering habits can be a challenging process.

More often than not, the initial fire to make change happen can die out with fluctuating motivation levels. This can keep one stuck in a cycle of frustration of wanting to change but not being able to execute it.

Changing habits, thought patterns and behaviours is a journey. Just like you would resource yourself before you embarked on a journey for a road trip, it is also essential to resource yourself before you embark on the journey of change.

Resources play the role of fueling you towards change even through fluctuating motivation levels.

They help you pick yourself up, show up for yourself even after you have fallen off a routine. This way, they act as anchors supporting you through your change process.

Read below on the 'Thought Anchor' I fall back on in my journey of change.

Connect with me for a consultation, if you're looking for support to assist you in the process of building resources in your change process.



Founder & Counselling Psychologist - 'The Mind Body Foundation - Counselling Center'.

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