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Humans have a natural tendency to understand, predict and control things in order to keep themselves safe. Uncertainty parallels with danger thus increasing the anxiety.

The outbreak of Covid -19 pandemic has brought about a lot of uncertainties’ in our everyday lives leaving us all exposed to the anxiety associated with it. Hence, this is a crucial point for us to practice intentional coping methods to maintain our mental health.

A simple and effective way to take control and build pockets of certainty amid this chaos is by KEEPING YOUR ROUTINE i.e. trying not to change your established lifestyle that was present earlier.

This includes following your

· Regular sleep and wake time

· Engaging in basic hygiene practices

· Eating your meals around the same time

· Starting and ending work from home around the same time

· and getting your daily dose of movement/ mindfulness/ relaxation.

Researches have repeatedly proven the significant psychological benefits of following a routine and the sense of control it helps one achieve. Let’s all try and take a preventive approach to mental health on days that we can.

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