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Gratitude: An Upward Spiral

The current 21-day national lockdown could induce a sense of fear, panic and other survival related emotions leading to a mindset of scarcity. Scarcity mindset makes one automatically focus on the unmet needs at this point, putting one on a downward spiral.

A simple yet highly effective method to break this downward spiral is by consciously shifting focus to what one has and can be thankful for at this point, thus shifting focus to the positives of life.

The act of practicing gratitude regularly makes one’s brain automatically pay attention to what we have, produces intrinsic motivation and a strong awareness of the present.

Other positive benefits of practicing gratitude are reduced stress, anxiety and depression, improved sleep, increased positive emotions and effective immune functioning. Gratitude puts one’s brain on an upward spiral.

Researchers have called this practice a ‘natural antidepressant’ based on the effect it has on the human brain.

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