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Nature heals!

What one sees, hears and experiences at any moment is not only impacting one’s mood but also the functioning of one’s nervous, endocrine and immune systems. In this period of social isolation which brings upon a number of restrictions, interacting with nature is one of the easiest and accessible ways to maintain one’s mental well-being.

So, how does one ‘interact with nature’? The answer is quite simple, just staring into the open sky and noticing the clouds, rays of sunshine, and observing how the trees are dancing to the wind and the flowers in full bloom are a few ways of interacting with nature. For those who have the luxury of a balcony or private terrace overlooking trees/ some pretty nature views, you can easily capitalize on this opportunity to reduce your stress levels by spending 15 minutes to calm your nervous system. For others, just viewing nature pictures/ videos on the internet will leave you with the same calming effect. You can search for: ‘Fractals in nature’, Green pictures – plants, trees, close-up images of leaves. Watch below for one such video!

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