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Sundays are for Downtime

Few statements one hears in this modern world is “I wish I had the time / more time”; “If only I had the time”; “I wonder how this weekend went by so quickly”. As I am talking about this, I wonder how half the year has gone by in the blink of an eye…. Ha.. ha... About a decade ago, life was much slower and Sundays were meant for rest and relaxation which provided us downtime.~ Life today has changed drastically, we always have things to do, places to visit, people to meet, news to catch up on, EVEN ON SUNDAYS. There’s not a single day where we are “Just being” without any plans, disconnected from external world. This experience of “Just being” is proven crucial for mental health.~ However challenging it may seem to incorporate this, setting time aside for “Just being” has very positive impacts on the brain by helping it restore. Engaging in this process persistently ultimately leads one to get in touch with their inner world to understand what they want out of life.~ Are you up for a “No Plan Sunday” this weekend? Please leave your comments! Thank you 😊

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