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Understanding your Relationship with Sleep

What is it that you do when your body demands for sleep? Do you give in and let yourself get some sleep or not? I understand that your decision to sleep in or not (on the days that your body demands for it) is not just influenced by one factor. Rejecting your body of the sleep it asks for can lead to long lasting impacts on one’s physical and mental health. How frequently this happens, and how much you respond to your body’s demands, speak volumes about your relationship with Sleep. You might be surprised to hear that this is also a form of self-harm. Maybe during your developmental years, the message you’ve got about the behavior of ‘sleeping in’ was negative from your family and environment. This is also the reason why people feel negative emotions when they’ve allowed themselves to sleep in. Waking up early and working sleepless nights have been paralleled with good character and success. These messages might’ve left an imprint that may keep you from sleeping in on the days your body demands for it. By gaining such awareness on your relationship with sleep, you get to shape your relationship with sleep rather than acting from your learned behaviors. Doing this is bound to have an overall positive impact on your physical and mental health. Icon: Love by Lemon Liu from the Noun Project

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