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Terms & Conditions

In using this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which form the basis for us to govern our relationship with you.




Terms referring to the owners of the website are - “” or “us” or “our” or “we”. Terms referring to the user or viewer of our website are - “you” or “your” or “people”.


  • If you are facing high distress situations or if you are suicidal or if you are in immediate danger of causing harm to yourself or others, our service is not appropriate for you. If this describes you, please call emergency services immediately or visit your nearest hospital Emergency Department.

  • If you have any diagnosed mental illness or personality disorder or addiction issues or sexual disorders our services are not suitable for you.

  • We do not provide Couples counselling or Family counselling.

  • We do not prescribe medication or any medical advice and none of our communication is intended to constitute medical advice. 

  • ​We do not conduct psychological assessments.

  • We do not guarantee any improvements or cures for any condition due to many variables that affect the counselling sessions.  

  • Information shared by us on our website is purely for educational purposes only. It does not substitute for medical treatment.

  • Content on our website is owned by or licensed to us. Reproduction of any material without prior written consent is prohibited.

  • Intermittently we may change our terms and conditions. We request the user to review these terms and conditions whenever accessing or using our site.


We provide emotional support for people undergoing everyday life stressors, people in transitory phases in their life and other mild to moderate stress-related challenges. 


  • The user must provide true and accurate information to enable us to provide our service efficiently.

  • The user must share mutual respect and not attempt to disrupt, damage or abuse our service.

  • The user agrees to submit personal data of their own will.


  • We notify our users about activities or programs that we plan to conduct in the near future that may be of interest to you.

  • We do not share your email id, phone number and other personal details with any individual or organization.

  • We do not track, store, analyze and use any other kind of data for any purposes whatsoever about you or your visit to our website.

  • If you wish to discontinue receiving emails from us, kindly reply to the email asking to be removed from our list. We will respect your preference immediately.

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