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Do People need less sleep as they get older?

Myths vs Facts on Sleep.~ Myth: People need less sleep as they get older.~ Fact: Older Adults need just as much sleep as they did in mid-life but are unable to get it.~

One of the key disturbances for older adults not being able to get the sleep they need is due to fragmentation. Fragmentation is the process where older adults are not able to stay asleep which is usually caused by a weakened bladder, leading one to wake up frequently through the night. Older adults also experience a natural change in their biological clock which makes them feel sleepy in the early evenings. Thus, leading them to take what is thought as a harmless evening nap, which in turn contributes to lack of sleep at night. Therefore, listening to the biological clock and subscribing to an early bed time when the body signals it, can have a positive influence on getting the sleep needed by older adults.~

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