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Naps, For the Win!

Myths vs Facts on Sleep

Myth: Taking a nap during the day leads to sleeplessness during the night

Fact: Taking a short nap at a regular time in the afternoon will not disrupt your sleep at night.

Naps are the best way to feel refreshed as it 'restores the tank' mid-day. I’m sure we all have experienced that post lunch drowsy feeling which makes us unfocused at work, wishing we could take a nap. This is our biological clock called the ‘circadian rhythm’ which sets the nap clock in such a manner that attending to it will not impact one’s sleep at nights.

What is it that you do when you feel drowsy post lunch? Grab a coffee?

Well science suggests you skip that latte post lunch and try a nap instead. Limit the length of your nap to 20 minutes in a conducive environment. It has a twofold effect...the nap leaves you feeling very refreshed, and also curbs your coffee intake for the rest of the evening, leaving you more prepared for a good night’s sleep.

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