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The Covid-19 pandemic has increased stress and anxiety levels worldwide. The uncertainties caused due to the pandemic result in overwhelming emotions such as fear, anxiety, panic and helplessness, which could behaviorally take the form of overconsumption of news, worrying, negative thinking, sleep disturbances, etc.

When a person is anxious, they are living in the ‘what ifs’ of life. For example, “What am I going to do home all day?” or “What if I don’t get the essential supplies?” and “I feel scared because I used public transport to commute to work until last week.” These thoughts rob one of the present moment. Hence, one of the antidotes of anxiety is ‘grounding’.

Grounding is an exercise that is intended to bring oneself into contact with the present moment, instead of being trapped by one’s mind. Here are some ways to ground yourself no matter where you are.

Tuning into one of the five basic senses as follows:

· TOUCH: Holding a pillow, playing with your pet

· SIGHT: Look at yourself in the mirror and smile

· SOUND: Call and chat with a friend, play soothing music

· SMELL: Light incense sticks, take in the aroma of the food cooking

· TASTE: Savor a meal by focusing on its flavor, texture, is it hot or cold.

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