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• Today’s world is filled with subtle messages from different media that prime one into thinking “I am NOT ENOUGH” e.g. – try this diet for a size zero body, this cream for fairer and flawless skin, this paste for whiter teeth, etc.~ • The ripple effect is that most people might have not understood that as humans, "We’re all fallible”. These influences coupled with the busyness of today’s world...meeting one deadline after the mostly forgets to be kind to themselves.~

• As I say this, I would like to accompany it with a recommendation of not letting yourself get upset over a fleeting thought (maybe), “Oh! I am not kind to myself”. Honestly, you are not to be blamed, nobody teaches us explicitly to be kind to ourselves.~ • Science has proven that being kind to oneself has very positive impacts both on the physical and the mental health of an individual. It is an antidote for most psychological stress experienced by one.~ • Being kind to oneself can comprise of a lot of unique things such as letting yourself stay in bed 5 minutes longer in the morning, catching yourself when you’re being critical of yourself for no reason, and most importantly, embracing the fact that as humans, we all make mistakes.~ PC : The Noun Project

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