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Engaging in Therapeutic activities is not the same as going to Therapy

“A lot of activities you do can make you feel therapeutic but it is not the same as going to therapy and working on your emotions”

All the experiences one has had in their life leave an imprint in their brain, body and nervous system. These imprints continue to play a significant role in the way one experiences life.

Therapy is a safe space to explore, identify and revisit those experiences that continue to play out in our lives. It is an exploratory process of understanding oneself at a deeper level.

"Why am I feeling the way I am feeling"

"What are my triggers?"

"What patterns of behaviour have I developed?"

"What do I want for myself?"

... so on and so forth.

Therapy provides an environment to heal, care and love those parts of us and in turn changes our sense of who we are, what we are worthy of, and how we deserve to be treated.

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