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Getting enough natural light in the digital era – Tips

Human body needs certain amount of natural light exposure to function efficiently. Without much conscious awareness, we are now at a point where we neither get SUFFICIENT natural daylight to ramp up the brain activity, nor get enough darkness in the evening to secrete sufficient melatonin to induce sleep. Thus, leading to a deficiency. Deficiency in one area has proven to affect the human being as a whole - physical, mental, emotional and hormonal.

Here are some workable tips that will help you get that dose of natural light (sunlight and sunset)

- Try and expose yourself to natural daylight i.e., sunlight for 30 – 40 minutes in the morning

- Choose an outdoor workout in the morning - running, yoga, stretches etc.,

- Take your pet out for a walk in the morning

- Have your cup of coffee in the balcony, terrace, etc., where there is good sunlight

- Avoid wearing shades that blocks out sunlight to your eyes in the morning, use alternate protection for your eyes

There are many positives to being exposed to sunlight. But remember, sunlight is a double-edged sword. Too much exposure also brings about damages.

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