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Going for Counselling – What is it all about? What happens there?

One visits a doctor if they feel physical discomfort/ illness, or a Personal Fitness trainer to achieve a fitness goal. In these two scenarios, the individual approaches a trained professional who uses their skills and knowledge to help the individual achieve their goals.

Similarly, a Counselling Psychologist is a trained professional with expertise in helping individuals achieve emotional and mental wellness.

Counselling is for everyone:

• Individuals who are currently suffering from mental and emotional distress/ illness


• Individuals who simply want to do more with their lives by achieving emotional and mental well-being.

The Counselling psychologist helps their client achieve emotional and mental wellness by enabling the change the client wishes for. Some work done by Counselling Psychologists are:

Facilitating / Helping client (s):

· Change problem behaviors - Habit of procrastination, stopping or starting a behavior, reducing negative thinking, Limit use of technology, Anger outbursts, etc.,

· Deal with people effectively - Communication issues in marital relationship, communication issues at work with superior or subordinates, some unavoidable family members, etc.

· Deal with problems effectively - Work-life balance, Coping with stress, Limiting screen time for children, etc.,

· Achieve Mental well-being - Practicing Mindfulness, Meditation and other Relaxation techniques, Develop meaning and purpose in one's life etc.,

· Gain Self-awareness - Understanding one’s thoughts, emotions and behaviors at depth using insights gained through therapy

· Recover from Mental illness - Dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic attacks, Substance abuse etc.,

· Heal from Emotional / Traumatic life incidents - Loss of a loved one, Abuse – Physical, Sexual and Emotional, Neglect etc.,

· Handling Life transitions effectively - College goer to working professional, Getting married, Having a child, Retirement, Moving Jobs, Unemployment, etc.,

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