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Struggling looks different on Everybody

We all are going through one struggle or other throughout our lives. Some areas of life that people struggle with are - to achieve good physical and mental health, financial security, dieting and weight loss, addiction, relationships, spiritual wellness, family, marriage, purpose in life, and so on. All of us battle with these struggles as effectively as we can. Let’s remember that "Struggling" encompasses a multitude of expressions (what is seen on the outside) - calm and composed, powerful, flustered, anxious, hopeless, angry, controlling, hardworking, pleasant, depressed, doubtful, successful and so on. Therefore, struggling looks different on everybody.

Are you facing some struggle in your life right now?

Were you faced with some struggles in the recent past?

Which area(s) of your life are you struggling with?

Were your closed ones able to identify that you were struggling?

How does struggling show on you?

Reflecting on these questions can be a starting point to understanding oneself better.

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