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The Unconscious Mind - Explained!

The Unconscious Mind controls most part of our lives and daily activities. Humans are creatures of habit and the Unconscious Mind helps execute all these habits. Other activities which are essential for survival as breathing, balance, heart rate, movement, etc., are taken care of by the Unconscious Mind. It is also a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, repressed emotions and disturbing traumas from our childhood to this moment.

We all have our own set of beliefs, values and perceptions of the world. All the experiences we have had, from childhood to this moment, play a huge role in developing these set of beliefs which are often irrational, limiting and faulty. These beliefs are inaccessible as it is contained in the unconscious mind.

As life is happening, we react to each situation by feeling emotions, exhibiting behaviors and/or having thoughts. This results in how we perceive the situation in reality and make meaning of it. All of the above processes are influenced majorly by the faulty belief system we have developed.

Another way of understanding this is that each person reacts to and perceives the same situation in different ways, in turn bring registered as their 'reality'. This reaction is often stemming from the unmet needs, emotional triggers and unresolved traumas that lie latent in one’s unconscious.

Having said this, there is a possibility to explore, bring to awareness and understand one’s unmet needs, emotional triggers and unresolved traumas which lead to the faulty belief system of the unconscious. This is done by taking therapy and engaging in the process of healing, mindful living which all enhance one to be in the present.

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