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Unintended consequences of Social Media on Mental Health

Humans and Modern Society

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Unintended consequences of Social Media on Mental Health

Data states that Indians, on an average, spend 2.4 hours on Social media every day.

‘Most’ of the feeds one consumes on social media are the ‘highlight moments’ of their friend’s life or ‘negative incident's that are happening around the world. All of these ‘feeds’ enter one’s system and influences their emotions, beliefs, values and relationships with themselves and the world.

The human brain is designed to keep us alive, and hence notices and processes more information of potential threats than those of rewards. The potential threat here refers to psychological threat i.e. the feed on social media leaving one with a feeling/ thought that everyone else around them is having a better time than themselves. These thoughts/feelings can result in one feeling as though they are ‘inadequate / failing’, leading the brain to believe that it is in a place of threat.

Hence, constant exposure to social media can make one’s emotional brain overactive, leaving one susceptible to mental illnesses.

We all use social media. This post is to bring awareness to the true consequences of the usage of Social Media.

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