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Unprocessed trauma

Updated: Apr 11

You cant see things clearly when you are spinning.

This is how unprocessed trauma impacts the nervous system

Unprocessed traumatic experiences leave one’s mind racing with thoughts, doubts, fears, anxieties and insecurities keeping them stuck in life. 

When you are spinning internally, you are not able to see the present moment with clarity. 

You are not aware of how things have changed or not changed around you, the totality of present reality - how you have changed and the choices you have until you reconnect to the present moment. 

It is when you pause to slow down and center yourself (body and mind), you can actually see and embody what the present holds.

The ability to slow down your bodymind and build capacity (if you’ve been spinning internally for many years, stillness is a new experience and it is going to take time for the bodymind to adapt to this experience) to stay in the present is one of the core components in trauma healing. 

If you find yourself spiralling and stuck in life, working with a trauma informed mental health professional with a body mind approach to healing can help you resolve and integrate the stuck traumatic energy.

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Relational, Somatic & Trauma Therapist

Founder & Counselling Psychologist - "The Mind Body Foundation - Counselling Center"

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