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Sleep and Stress Management - key contributors in reversing Type 2 Diabetes!

Humans and Modern Society

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World Diabetes Day!

Modern lifestyle is a significant contributor to the development of Type 2 Diabetes.

India is the ‘Diabetes Capital’ of the world with an estimated 50.9 million (type 2 diabetes) people suffering from diabetes which is likely to increase exponentially to 80 million by 2025.

Eating highly processed food, sedentary lifestyle with minimal movement, lack of required sleep and chronic stress are key contributing factors in developing type 2 diabetes.

Common lifestyle changes recommended for patients with type 2 diabetes are centered around diet and physical exercise. Getting enough sleep and stress management which are duly important in the treatment process is often ignored.

Tips for people with Type 2 diabetes:

  1. Diet – Replace highly processed food to natural whole food

  2. Physical Activity – Incorporate regular physical exercise

  3. Sleep – Prioritize your sleep as insufficient sleep leads to a rise in blood sugar levels

  4. Stress – Chronic stress elevates blood sugar levels, so adopt stress management techniques as part of the routine

P.S: The tips mentioned above are not substitutes or replacements for treatment.

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